Section 1: Love or Money - A Story

The tip of this session is: Save a little every time you earn.
Let’s start off by hearing a story about two ambitious cousins who tried to save every time they earned and the love that came between them and their dreams.

Love or Money?

Part I: The Business Idea

Mary and Elizabeth are cousins who live in the same compound. They decide that they can make some money raising goats. Since the family does not have any goats, the two girls make a promise to start saving so they can buy one. They know which type of goat they want to buy and its price. They decide to save every time they earn money and together agree on a reasonable amount that they think they can afford to save.

Elizabeth is good at math; with the money they each promise to save every time they earn, she figures out about how long they will have to save before they can buy the goat. It seems like a long time, but by putting their savings together, it will go faster.

Do you think the girls will reach their goal of buying a goat? Keep reading to find out.

Part II: Young Love

For the first few weeks, they both make sacrifices in order to save, and their family congratulates them! But, Mary becomes interested in a young man who has recently arrived in the village to stay with relatives. When they go for tea at the kiosk, she pays to impress him. She starts spending money on beads for her hair.

When Elizabeth asks Mary for her savings, Mary just shrugs and says she can’t afford to save right now. She promises to give Elizabeth a bigger sum of money later, after she works at the tea plantation. “Don’t worry,” she says, “I’ll work hard and save a lot next month. It will all work out the same.”

What do you think about Mary’s plan to collect a larger amount of money later?
What are the girls’ chances of buying their goat?

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